Working age adults account for as much as 60% of all laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza, according to data from the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System.

This means time off work and lower productivity, for both the affected worker and their colleagues. It could also mean several employees are affected at once.

The virus can be transmitted through the air or on surfaces, and can be spread before symptoms are present

Vaccinating each employee takes just a few minutes, and offering a flu vaccination clinic can

  • Keep workers and their family healthy

  • Prevent the spread through the workplace

  • Save your business money

Need more information?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions about the influenza vaccination, and booking a clinic. You can also download the Factsheet, a flyer, and promotional materials to support your clinic, on the right hand side of this page.

Ready to go? To organise a flu clinic, you can pay upfront, or register to be billed in arrears.

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