Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a preventable infection that impacts more than 600 new Australians each year.

While incidences have been falling since 2000 due to increased childhood vaccination, working-age adults may still be at risk. 

The University of NSW advises that up to half of all Australians are susceptible to Hepatitis A.

Importantly for workers, the Hepatitis A vaccine is recommended by the Department of Health for those specifically at risk of infection. 

Groups with higher than normal risk include

  • Healthcare workers - notably in paedriatrics, emergency and infectious diseases, and those working with human tissue, blood or body fluids
  • Child care workers, including teachers
  • Emergency services - police, fire and ambulance, and correctional services workers
  • Plumbers and those working with waste and water infrastructure
  • Cleaning, refuse and recycling workers

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Emergency service workers