On-site Employee Vaccinations

Depending on your work environment, your employees or colleagues could be exposed to many germs.

This could be as common as influenza (flu) going around an office, or more serious such as contracting Hepatitis. The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) confirms that unvaccinated employees have more days absent, as well as a reduction in productivity when ill – costing your workplace.

Offering a workplace vaccination clinic helps you maintain a healthy team. This avoids losses due to absent workers, as well as lost productivity from workers showing up while unwell, and possibly contagious.

Medvet offers

All of these are administered by qualified health professionals, employed by Medvet. A qualified immunisation nurse will come to your workplace, Australia-wide, and immunise your team against common viruses and bacteria. Flu vaccine recipients are even offered a lollipop as thanks for participating!

To discuss your needs and find out how Medvet can help you protect your team, please contact us.

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