Water Testing

Water testing is a vital part of ensuring product quality.

Water may be an input into your products, be used during processing or refinement, or be a result of your activities, producing wastewater.

At all stages of production, excess and wastes can find their way into the environment.  Since 2012, SA's Environmental Protection Authority has fined businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars for contaminating groundwater with wastes.

Water testing is performed for public, domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial uses. In order to ensure the public’s safety for drinking and usage for recreational purposes, it’s important to test regularly.

Medvet can help you protect your customers and the environment by testing

  • Potable and domestic water (including swimming pools)
  • Trade and industrial waste
  • Wastewater and sewage
Microbiology Chemistry



Standard Plate Counts Calcium Carbonates
Coliforms  Potassium  Bicarbonates 
Faecal/thermotolerant coliforms  Magnesium  pH 
E.coli  Sodium  Electrical conductivity
Faecal streptococci  Chloride  Total dissolved solids
Psuedonomads  Sulphates  Hardness  
Microbiological pathogens Nitrates  Restivity 

To arrange any of these, or if you don't see a specific test you're looking for, please contact us.

Lab testing liquid