Food and Beverage Testing

In 2015 alone, Food Standards Australia was notified of 81 product safety recalls.

This included undeclared allergens, chemical or biological contamination or inaccurate labeling.

Recalling your products costs time and money, and can irreversibly damage your brand.

Medvet works with South Australian businesses to ensure quality and safety of their products.

Medvet can offer a variety of tests, including the table below. 

Microbiology Chemistry
Microbiological Tests
Chemical Tests
Salmonella Energy
Listeria Protein 
Staphylococcus aureus Fat 
Yeast & moulds Carbohydates
Bacillus cereus Sugars 
Total viable counts Sodium 
Coliforms / E.coli (including 0157) Dietary Fibre 
Enterobacteriaceae Heavy metals 
 Vibrio Allergens 
 Clostridium Pesticides 
 Psuedomonas Sulphur dioxide
 'Rapid' VIDAS analysis of Listeria and Salmonella Rancidity - FFA/ peroxide value
 Shelf life analysis Vitamins
 Viable air borne particulate counts Preservatives & Additives

To arrange any of these, or if you don't see a specific test you're looking for, please contact us.

 Scientist testing eggs